SSG Security Services

Is fully committed to providing the highest standard of service to our clients, whilst providing a happy working environment for our employees.

Security Industry authority SSG in the Private Security Act 2015 has commissioned the licensing of security officers working within the industry since Jan 2011. SSG has set standards of training and professionalism for security officers in order for them to improve the quality of the service they deliver to their customers. SSG Security Services is a Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor for the provision of Security Guarding.

SSG Security Services is one of the most experienced security companies in Egypt. We provide expert care throughout Egypt. We are professionals, working closely with our clients to provide the best security in the business.

Here is a short list of some of the businesses we serve:

  1. Site Security Surveys & Assessments.
  2. RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL & Industrial Building Security.
  3. Health Services Building security.
  4. Educational Facilities Security.
  5. Constructing Site Security.
  5. Major commercial intuitions.
  6. Public Sector Organizations.
  7. Property Management Companies.

Guard Services

Manned Guarding - Door Supervisor - Mobile Patrol Officer - CCTV Monitoring

SSG Security believes that the success of any manned guarding service ultimately depends on the quality of the personnel who work for that company.
So why should you choose SSG Security Guard?
SSG Security will provide a “Site Specific” uniformed security guard at your site based on a full-time contract.
A set of detailed assignment instructions will be formulated in conjunction with you, ensuring all aspects of patrolling and regular duties are identified.
Confirmation of all health/safety and risk elements will also be outlined and detailed.
All of SSG Security officers report hourly to our fully automated central control-room, which is manned twenty-four hours a day, 365 days of the Year.
Our Service Manager will regularly visit your premises to ensure our Guarding duties are maintained to our very high standards.

SSG Security employs fully licensed in Egypt with a high personal standard of work ethics and are highly motivated individuals uniformed or covert ready to protect your interests and give you piece of mind. SSG Security can provide fully licensed for a variety of operations from small capacity venues to large scale teams for busy nightclubs in major cities. No matter what the size, type or location of the venue we will always provide the same high standards of service to ensure that your customers have a safe and enjoyable experience.
Before work commences, all locations have full plans designed including risk assessments and optimum staff placements. All staff supplied is fully licensed but are also in-house trained to a high level so that they can deal with any situation which may arise whilst providing maximum customer care.

Mobile Patrols provide a cost effective and flexible method for site security. At SSG Security we provide a licensed, uniformed Mobile Patrol Officer in a patrol vehicle to visit your premises on a routine or random basis each evening or giving 24-hour cover at weekends and on public holidays if required.
Our Mobile Patrol Officer will alert our Head Office of not only unusual activities on your premises but provide your company with a deterrent against criminal damage and vandalism. Mobile Patrol Officers can also provide lone worker protection and an early warning of Health & Safety issues, giving you all round protection 24/7.
Our Mobile Patrols are designed to be affordable for everyone and can provide you with a solution to all of your premises’ security issues.

This service is within everyone’s budget, and provides your company with the following:

  • Visible deterrence signs.
  • Routine or random patrols of your premises.
  • Carryout checks for insecure windows, doors, signs of intrusion and vandalism.


CCTV security systems offer 24 hour eyes on your premises from as many angles as you require; exterior, interior, live monitored from our control room, through an Internet connection or simply recording for evidence we take the time to assess your needs and recommend the ideal application for your business.
As part of our manned guarding services we operate a state of the art 24-hour security control room for CCTV monitoring with liaison with mobile response teams or on-site guards.

Contract Security

Retail Security - Construction Site Security - Reception & Building Security

Our Retail Security Officers have been trained to save our customers time losses and create a good impression for our clients customers.
As all professional companies say, impression counts, SSG Security makes sure that all our Retail Officers dress to fit our client’s requirement.
All our retail security officers wear full uniforms with clear visible company name. Our retail security officers have been trained to the security standard, this gives them the ability to deal with shoplifters, customers with queries, store emergencies etc.

Almost all construction site projects are at risk of vandalism, theft or damage at some point during the project. Some projects can be victims of repeated targeting from youths, criminal gangs or even scrap merchants. Insurance companies even refuse to insure some sites without having any provision of manned out of hours security.
SSG Security Services offers a first class site security guarding service which incorporates regular perimeter patrols, emergency procedures, incident reporting and more.

At SSG Security Services our services are totally customized to suit your needs. Adapting to the needs of our clients is one of our biggest strengths along with our excellent customer service skills and highly trained guards.
Every SSG Security Officer is carefully selected, trained, professionally managed and site inducted with our credited Occupation Health and Safety Procedures.
Our corporate security services are second to none; our security guards are always punctual and present themselves in a professional and courteous manner. We can even incorporate your Company logo or colors to our guards’ uniforms while they are on duty on your premises.

Corporate Security

Key Holding and Alarm Response - Warehouse and Logistics - Residential Security - Vacant Property - Hospital Security - Mall Security

Take the worry out of your home and business with SSG Security Key-holding and Alarm Response services. You can be sure that if your alarm system is activated at home or at work, a fully trained and vetted Alarm Response Officer will be there quickly to deal with the incident giving you peace of mind.
A major advantage of our key-holding service is that we hold a set of keys to your premises so our Alarm Response Officers can respond immediately your alarm is activated, any time, day or night. Rather than putting yourself or your key holder at risk, one of our Officers will deal with any situation from a simple reset of your alarm system, to a potentially dangerous situation. If any locks or windows have been damaged, we will arrange for an approved locksmith or glazier to carry out any essential security repairs.
Finally, we will send you a full Alarm Response Report within one working day giving you full details of the incident.

A warehouse is designed for ease of access and loading and unloading of materials creating a security issue. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities because of their remote location.
Our Security Guards at SSG Security Services will protect your property and assets from theft and vandalism. When deciding on the security provisions for your premises, consider safety by means of a Security Guard. The value of your building materials and machinery are too costly to leave without security.
SSG Security Services provides warehouse security services throughout Egypt. When it comes to protecting your warehouse, SSG Security officers are at the top of their class.

The need to secure your home, property and family is becoming increasingly necessary. Theft of, or damage to, personal property can be a highly disturbing event.
The risk of personal attack, in your own home, although very rare, would be an extremely injuring event.
The damage and inconvenience of having your property occupied by squatters could be very costly and deprive you of your property for a very long time.
At SSG, we adhere to the principle of prevention, through extensive preparation.
You can safeguard your property with our highly trained personnel, state of the art security equipment, or a combination of both.
We have a range of residential solutions available to respond to your needs. These include guarding a single residence or supplying a team of officers with dogs for resident associations, supported by electronic systems.
According to your preferences, our guards can be either a highly visible deterrent or a discrete part of the day-to-day running of your household.
We work for you to prevent burglary, vandalism, personal attacks, or occupancy by squatters.

Owners of vacant property can fall victim to a number of crimes including break-ins, theft, vandalism, or simple vagrancy. Vacant homes, apartment buildings, warehouses or industrial sites, shopping and retail centers, and more can all suffer loss and damage from inadequate security. We understand the challenges facing owners of vacant properties, and we have the substantial experience necessary to provide highly effective vacant property security services.

Regardless of what type of vacant property you own, SSG Security has the capability to meet and exceed your security expectations and provide you peace of mind. We work with private property owners, management companies, and corporations to create fully customized property security services.

When designing vacant property security services, we begin with an in-depth assessment of your property. Dozens of factors are taken into account as we work closely with property owners or managers.

We work closely with our clients as we: –

  • Evaluate property (safety and security risks, strengths, needs, etc..)
  • Design property security services and protocols.
  • Develop training manuals for officers.
  • Implement effective strategies and programs.
  • Resolve issues quickly.
  • Provide unparalleled customer service.

Hospitals face unique security and safety challenges because of the high volume of visitors and patients, fast paced environment, and patient confidentiality concerns.
At SSG Security, we understand these needs and design hospital security services to accommodate our clients; we customize hospital security programs to deal with the individual personality of the hospital and the surrounding environment. We begin with a thorough survey and discussion of the results with hospital management. We then develop hospital security services covering training, policies and protocols, and implementation.

Shopping malls are Egypt’s new “Main Streets”, and they present a wide range of safety and security concerns. Mall security officers are required to respond to a variety of situations, from lost children to criminal activity. They must effectively interact with the public, with mall tenants and management, and with local law enforcement. We ensure that our officers are qualified to handle any safety and security situation that may arise in a shopping mall. Our mall security services are designed with the needs of your facility and location in mind; everything from uniform to daily duties can be fully customized.

Our mission in mall security is to represent mall management in a positive manner, protect from losses, and serve the public.

Our mall security services are designed to prevent loss or damage due to: –

  • Theft and pick pocketing.
  • Vandalism and doodles.
  • Intruding and beggars.
  • Safety hazards (spilled liquids, unsafe promotional displays).

Our mall security services are designed to build good relationship with Mall Tenants by using: –

  • Courtesy.
  • Common sense.
  • Tact.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Extensive knowledge of site.

Our mall security services are designed to build good relationship with Public by: –

  • Giving directions.
  • Enforcing all rules and regulations.
  • Assisting in special circumstances (lost children, vehicle lock-outs).
  • Politely correcting discrepancies.
  • Being pro-active.
  • Directing media to appropriate person(s).