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Vehicles Secure

We have the latest available device for securing cars to individuals and businesses by integrated system between the vesicles, the internet, Mobile satellites. This is working in both directions i.e. can communicate through it with the car and the car can contact you when it is necessary.

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Residential Secure

We have all necessary means to provide the best ways insutance and control from the intercom with monitor to make sure that personality present on the door of housing and the end of the insurance scheme full of windows and doors includes a warning to crash the glass and last against open doors or windows and the possibillity of send alarm to your mobile.

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Companies & Shops Secure

We have all available means to prevent theft and burglary starting from gates to prevent stealing of products and digital alarms and fire resistance.

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Banks and Exchange Companies Secure

In addition to the above it is available to banks and exchange companies special methods to resist armed robberies and can be seen on the latest systems available to contact us.

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As we have the latest available surveillance cameras for different conditions and places, whether external or internal, and Animated and fixed communicate via the internet and Mobile, as well as night-vision cameras or in normal daylight and many other options.
And we also have available all types of digital recording devices duration record up to 170 days and are connected with a sense of translationl or baguette to start recording or control over the internet and devices to contact the user via mobile when necessary.
We also offer gates unlocked either by fingerprint or Basic or smart cards, as well as provide Time & Attendance devices and printers bussiness cards for clubs and large corporations.
We also have available fire alarms or gas leak and that can be incorporated with other alarms to be able to communicate with the user via mobile when necessary.

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Save Your Time
with Us

It is our goal at SmartEgypt Security Group to be proactive and take care of issues before they become problems.

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The Highest
Quality Services

Our proactive management approach will enable us to meet the customer's need in a consistant and responsive manner so issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

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What Clients Say

All SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) Company alarm systems are designed and fitted to comply with and standards.
A full and accurate site survey and risk assessment ensures that the system delivers the proper level of security to suit your exact requirements.
All aspects of our installing and general trading are subject to regular inspection by the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board.
Your guarantee of a quality product supplied by a reliable company.

Fire Alarm Systems installed in all commercial and residential premises. Fire Alarm Systems installed in all commercial and residential premises.
It is now a legal requirement that all fire alarm systems are serviced and maintained on a regular basis by a suitable competent firm. Trust Security is pleased to offer full cover contracts, which provide regular service visits, at least two per year, and also give you access to our 24 hour helpline and call out facility.
In this way you can be rest assured that your staff and property are always fully protected, your system complies with the latest edition of BS5839 and C.F.O.A requirements.

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