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Intruder Alarms

All SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) Company alarm systems are designed and fitted to comply with and standards.
A full and accurate site survey and risk assessment ensures that the system delivers the proper level of security to suit your exact requirements.
All aspects of our installing and general trading are subject to regular inspection by the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board.
Your guarantee of a quality product supplied by a reliable company.
We use only top quality equipment, fitted by our own engineering staff, to ensure long life and utmost reliability.

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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems installed in all commercial and residential premises. Fire Alarm Systems installed in all commercial and residential premises.
It is now a legal requirement that all fire alarm systems are serviced and maintained on a regular basis by a suitable competent firm. Trust Security is pleased to offer full cover contracts, which provide regular service visits, at least two per year, and also give you access to our 24 hour helpline and call out facility.
In this way you can be rest assured that your staff and property are always fully protected, your system complies with the latest edition of BS5839 and C.F.O.A requirements.
We can repair and update your existing system, if your risk assessment identifies any areas which need attention, and we can also add remote monitoring to ensure an immediate response by the fire brigade.
Don’t wait for your local authorities to threaten legal action – take action now and let our fully qualified staff take care of all your fire protection needs.

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Access Control

SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) is installers of all types of Access Control Systems.
Does your office, factory or home feel vulnerable to occasional callers having easy access?
– then you need to consider installing some form of access control.
SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) can supply and fit any type of system, from a simple door intercom, letting you identify callers before opening the door, to a fully programmable system controlling ALL gates and doors in the largest works complex.
We can install and fit all types of audio or video systems with digital code, swipe card or proximity reader functions as required. In this way you ensure that only the people you appoint have access to the premises you control.
Simple easy to use, reassuring – door intercom control is now more affordable than ever.
Be safe! – Check all callers before you open your door!
Do n’t t ak e r is ks ! – Ideal for the elderly, infirm or anyone who lives alone – offices, surgeries or lone workers can all benefit.
Larger premises will benefit from controlled access to those sensitive areas not open to the public or all workers. You can select rooms to be accessed by authorized personnel only. Keep your secure areas free from unauthorized traffic; log all entry & exit in designated areas ideal for all health and safety applications and in case of emergency. For use in offices, laboratories factories, health centers, residential and nursing homes – wherever control of access is important.
Our fully-trained engineers will undertake any repair or maintenance of all types of Access Control Equipment.
SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) is specialists in keypad door locks, key code door locks, keyless door locks, swipe card entry systems and security door mechanisms.

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CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit TV systems can be designed and fitted by SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) to suit all applications.
Closed Circuit Television can be a huge addition to the security of your premises, and we can supply the ideal system for you. Single or Multi camera systems; with digital recording or remote computer access, are all available and at a price to suit your pocket!! SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) will carry out a free, full risk assessment of your premises, then after full consultation to ascertain your exact requirements, we will design a system specifically for you.
Quality equipment and professional fitting are guaranteed – we have over years experience in this field and our service is second to none.
Whether you require a simple home observation system, or you need to protect the largest of sites – just call us to get the best service around.
Closed Circuit TV systems can be designed and fitted by SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) to suit all applications
• Conventional and IP systems available
• Domed or standard housed cameras fitted
• Hidden or discreet cameras can be supplied for sensitive applications
• On or off-site monitoring available

Let CCTV be your eyes and your ears, and never miss an incident:-

By adding the latest video transmission equipment, with alarm outputs, you can say goodbye to the night watchman or security guard on your site. Have your CCTV linked to our receiving centre and With computer networking you can view the pictures from your premises where ever and whenever you want to – All you need is internet access. Ideal for Health and Safety or productivity applications as well as home security.

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Security Lighting

SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) can provide a full planning and fitting service using fully-trained engineers.
Lighting management systems are supplied for all commercial applications.
Originally fitted to deter intruders, lighting systems now have additional applications for both courtesy and convenience.
Zoned systems can provide all round coverage and protection in the most cost effective way, with internal sounders giving advance warning of persons entering the protected area even in daylight.
Movement activated illumination of dark pathways and car parks make staff and visitors feel more secure immediately.
Extra lighting improves the quality of your C.C.T.V pictures.
Dusk to dawn applications with low wattage lamps give high visibility with low power consumption – the low cost answer to most lighting problems.
SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) is specialists in security lighting and security light systems, flood lighting and flood light systems. Originally fitted to deter intruders, lighting systems now have additional applications for both courtesy and convenience.

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Emergency Lighting

All types of emergency lighting can be supplied and fitted by SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG).
Emergency lighting is essential in all commercial, industrial or retail premises, plus all buildings with public access, as an aid to the means of escape in a fire or other type of power failure Current health and safety regulations make owners, tenants and managers responsible for all aspects of safety on their premises.
Make sure you can see your way out at all times. A repair and maintenance service is also available for all types of premises.
SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) is specialists in emergency lights, emergency lighting signs, illuminated safety signs, emergency warning lights, and emergency exit signs.

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24 Hour Systems Monitoring

SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) supply 24 hour monitoring for all intruder; CCTV, and fire systems through our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).
This Centre utilizes the most modern and technically advanced equipment available for the fastest and most efficient receiving of electronic signals. It is manned by fully trained and certificated operatives for 24 hours of every day and for every day of the year.
All signals received from your premises are auctioned as soon as possible and in full compliance with all protocols active at the time.
Remote signal monitoring, used with security guarding response, is the perfect solution for high risk sites.
SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) is always happy to advise on, and quote for all your monitoring/response requirements.

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Automatic Gates & Barriers

you will further enhance all the benefits of having gates at the entrance of your property. Beyond the simplicity and convenience of opening and closing your gates with a remote control without having to leave your vehicle (which is most useful at night or in bad weather) automatic gates have additional advantages over that of manual gates.
Automation avoids the struggle with large and heavy gates that many people encounter; a simple press of a button on a remote control allows access. Visitors will usually use an intercom at the gateway to contact you before you let them in, this helps prevent unwanted callers and hawkers.
On the security front, electrically automated gates have irreversibly geared motors making it difficult for burglars to force open the gates and fitting a daglock ensuring maximum protection can enhance this further. Having your gates automated increases the investment made to your property, with the extra style and exclusivity of automatically operating gates. It’s possible to automate existing gates too, so you’ve no need to purchase an entirely new system.
Are Electric Gates and Barriers Expensive?
We usually find that it costs less than people imagine. 5 years ago when automation was in its infancy it was truly the reserve of the mega rich to have their gates automated. Today with advances in manufacturing and technology, gate automation is within reach of many, many more people..
It is, therefore, imperative that you ensure that every one of your company’s sites fitted with any form of automated access equipment, without exception, is issued with a maintenance regime compliant with European Community Commission directives.
At SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) we provide competitively priced service and maintenance contracts that will not only ensure that your company keeps on the right side of the law, but more importantly, will give you the peace of mind that your premises are protected by fully operational, maintained security and access control equipment.
We look forward to providing you with a full range of Trust and Investment Services.

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