About SSG Egypt Company

SmartEgypt Security Group (SSG) Company is a family run firm you can trust to do far more to secure your property than just fitting alarms. Our ethos is to deliver the finest security services available from design to installation, all backed up with service and maintenance that is second to none. Our years experience ensures that buying complete peace of mind has never been so easy.

What we do?

The stress of not having the right Security guards available to protect your company should not be something that you have to deal with. Our security guards have formal training. They have integrity and a dedication to the client that no other security company can offer. We have protected the clients and can anticipate the problem or potentially harmful situation before it actually happens. Guard NOW provides the most effective security guard training needed to protect you from threats.

Dignitaries, celebrities, executives, and private civilians call upon our Security Experts to provide them with the private security that they need from our security guards.

ity Guard Services are not all the same, and we understand that are dedicated to our client’s safety.

SSG Egypt provides a full range of expert craftsmen and technical services that are essential to ensure consistent and complete protection. We have been involved with a large number of contracts for Clients, departments, establishments and for public authorities, banks, financial institutions, and many public and private companies.

SSG Egypt Price we regard every project as having individual and specific needs. We are often requested by clients to collaborate in the design and specification of installations, and we are very pleased to provide technical assistance and advice, based on our wide experience of many different often unique requirements.

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Why us

Fast, Easy, Reliable

Fast, Easy, Reliable way to order security guard services, no matter where you are.

Our company will provide

Our Security Company will provide the best security guard services for all your needs

Immediate Security

Immediate Security Services where ever and whenever you can count on our guards to be there when you need them.

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